Sales leadership conference

TrueBlue is a workforce solutions company, connecting people and work. Each year they hold a Sales Leadership Conference for their national sales team. Event deliverables include signage, display graphics, visual aids, keynote graphics, way-finding graphics, note books, brochures and giveaways, branded emails, lanyards and name badges, and more.

Annual report

As TrueBlue has evolved and acquired new business lines, the way they describe their services has changed. This annual report served to restablish their core values and clarify their business model to investors.

Benefits enrollment guide

Clear, clean, and concise (as a benefits handbook can be), with the front cover juxtaposing the iconic worker with an icon of health. This benefits guide also rolled out TrueBlue’s new wellness program, Stronger You, Stronger Blue, which we both named and created an icon for.

Acquisition campaign

To get a newly aquired business ready for the milestones to unification, and to assuage employee fears, we branded it as a retro-style “Journey to Unification”, which was presented to branch offices in a cheery suitcase, complete with travel stickers, a road map containing milestones, mission and vision statements, feedback postcards, jujubes, tchotchkes and anything else to make the journey more bearable.

*All above work was created while employed by Graphica, Inc.