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Future of flash

Nothing changes, that’s the news. Adobe will cease developing it’s Flash Player plug-in for mobile browsers, as reported on CNN/Wired.

Adobe will continue to support the desktop computer with continued plugin support. They have effectively pulled out of the mobile marketplace, but they never really entered it. On the desktop and in Apps, Adobe Actionscript will still play a role. Adobe plans to put more more weight behind HTML5 – as you could guess with the release of Adobe Edge.

Flash has allowed the creation of rich interactive sites that functioned and appeared consistent across all browser platforms. But now browsers have support for CSS3 and HTML5, Javascript libraries, and support for typography. Mobile is a different beast, and Flash is not suited for that platform. I’m looking forward to the evolution of development cross-platform. Exciting times.

Here’s the best article on this subject, by Adobe’s chief of developer relations Mike Chambers.

So for Flash sites, really nothing changes. All sites will continue to function as they have.
And I will continue to maintain all the Flash sites I’ve developed (along with their non-flash mobile versions).

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