Swivel Studio

WordPressin’, ya feel me?

Why yes, I finally found the time to get a proper portfolio site together for Swivel. No more one-page placeholder. Soooo… legit.

Find a design shop with a old website and they are either out-of-touch and unmotivated, or overwhelmed and super busy. I’d like to think I fit it the latter. It’s hard to find the time to update your own site when client work is rolling in.

But this time I made it a priority because I’m getting into developing WordPress sites for a handful of clients – and needed a stage for getting familiar with what is possible with the WordPress environment. The WordPress platform is really handy once you get the logic of it together, and the CMS capabilities make it a logical choice for just about any site.

Although I still love Flash, I’m looking forward to diversifying out my development skills. More to come folks.

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